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Step back in time with a visit to the City of Trogir

 In Eastern Europe, the medieval towns are stunning.  However, none compare to the city of Trogir in terms of medieval conformity to the Hellenistic and Roman idea of a city. Its urban fabric has been exceptionally preserved and new inventions in the town have been kept at minimum.

Trogir is an outstanding example of urban continuity, having started off as an orthogonal planned street settlement that dates back to the Hellenistic period and continuing through the Romanesque Era when churches were added to its landscape and much later during the Renaissance and Baroque periods under the Venetians.


  • The town was founded by the Greek Colonists from Vis Island in the 3rd Century BC.
  • The town was called Tragurion (island of goats) and was located on the western end of the bay of Manios, on a strait between the mainland and one of the Adriatic Islands
  • Hellenistic Period – The town was enclosed with megalithic walls and its streets were laid out in a Hippodamian grid plan.
  • Roman Period – The town flourished and would see further fortifications and extension of the Roman cemeteries as well as a basilica.
  • Christian Period – The town saw the construction of the Cathedral and Benedictine Church of St John
  • 9th Century – Trogir became part of the Byzantine Dalmatia whose capital was in Zadar
  • 10th century – The town saw the Venetian occupation
  • 12th Century – The town became part of the Hungarian Emperor after Dalmatia was overrun.
  • 14th century – The town saw a short rein of the Venetian but it was not until 1420 that it completely became part of the Venetian Empire.

Attractions in the City

  1. Cathedral and Benedictine Church of St John
  2. Two ancient main streets - the Cardo and the Decumanus
  3. The medieval suburb of Pasike
  4. The massive Venetian fortifications that incorporates the Genoese fortress known as the Camerlengo
  5. Cathedral of St Lawrence – Amazingly, this cathedral showcases the best of Romanesque, gothic and Renaissance architectural genius
  6. Cipico Palace
  7. Ramparts
  8. Other palaces of the leading Trogir Families

Trogir is a town that has deeply entrenched roots and culture and is the kind of place you visit to learn a new culture. Trust me; there is no better place in Croatia to do this.

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