Want to learn more about rural life in Vietnam? Then check out the Deluxe Mekong Delta Cruise in Vietnam. On this tour visitors will travel by local boat, visit a local coconut processing facility, take a short walking tour through a local village and enjoy traditional Vietnamese cooking.

Cruise along the Mekong River on a Deluxe Mekong Delta Cruise
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Take on a rural adventure and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life with Deluxe Mekong Delta Cruise in Vietnam. Get an insight into rural life as your deluxe rice barge takes you on a cruise through the historic waterway of Mekong. Bring the family with you on this fantastic boat cruise and create memories you and your family both can treasure for life.

Deluxe Mekong Delta Cruise is a day tour in which you’ll get to visit the Mekong, home to luxuriant vegetation and lush coconut islands. On this tour, you’ll be able to see and admire at orchards, rice paddies and how they separate oil, flesh and husk from a coconut. You’ll later be visiting a local village with its fascinating traditional mat weaving by hand. Being in a rural area, you’ll also get to see some amazing sights as you go along this tour.

Call us now and have a wonderful Vietnam experience with Deluxe Mekong Delta Cruise!

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