Want to get some great photos of Amsterdam? Then check out an Amsterdam Photography Walking Tour. On this tour visitors will learn to take beautiful photos in the Keizergracht, the Waterlooplein flea market, Chinese Quarter and Red Light District.

Develop Your Photographic Style on an Amsterdam Photography Walking Tour
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Learn the art of Photography on this wonderful Amsterdam Photography Walking Tour and get to have the best possible photos you could get while on a scenic walking tour in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Learn the tricks and tips to learn or even sharpen your street photography skills and not only will you get some beautiful photos, you will also get to share the new-found skills with friends, families and relatives back home.

Amsterdam Photography Walking Tour is a 3.5-hour long sightseeing experience with of course some photo tips from your professional photographer guide. You’ll get to visit and shoot some pictures in the Keizergracht, the Waterlooplein flea market, Chinese Quarter, and even the Red Light district. So pack your SLR or high-end point and shoot camera with you and learn how to make the best out of it.

Some of the many things you will learn on this wonderful tour are:

  • Improve the composition of your photos
  • Develop your own unique style
  • Work with light and reflections from water
  • Best settings in photographing people

Call us now to capture amazing photos on this Amsterdam Photography Walking Tour!

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