Top 5 Destinations for Medical Tourism in Asia

Gone are those days when people would travel to western countries for medical purposes. Today, having a procedure done can be combined with visiting a country’s attractions, and Asia is fast becoming a popular medical tourism destination. Some countries in Asia are the front runners when it comes to medical tourism. Aside from providing quality healthcare, these countries are also great places to recuperate and simultaneously enjoy its attractions. The best thing about going to Asia for some procedures that it costs only a fraction of what is being charged in western countries. The following are the most popular medical tourism destinations in Asia.

  • South Korea. Undergoing a medical procedure in South Korea is very common. In fact, in Gangnam district in Seoul alone, there are more than 500 beauty clinics. It is famous for nose lifts, facial contouring, and other forms of plastic surgeries.
  • Singapore has the best health care system in Asia. It’s medical tourism relies heavily on stem cell therapy treatments, traditional Chinese medicine treatments and fertility treatments.
  • India. Sushruta, an Indian surgeon who lived in 600 BC, is believed to be the first plastic surgeon in the world, and even up to this day, India is known for medical procedures including cardiac bypass, bone-marrow transplants, hip replacements, and alternative medicine.
  • Thailand. Medical tourism is so popular in Thailand that it has about 37  Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospitals. The country is known for dental procedures, breast implants, hip and knee replacements, and gender reassignment surgeries.
  • Malaysia. The country is fast emerging as a favorite medical destination in Asia. In 2014, it attracted almost 900,000 tourists for medical tourism purposes. It is known for cosmetic surgery, liposuction, orthopedic procedures, and cardiac surgery.

Asia is not only where you can visit fantastic attractions and natural wonders, it is where you can have quality yet affordable medical procedures done. Interested? Consult your travel agent for more details.  

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