10 Things You Need to Pack on Safari

Are you planning to go on a safari during your holiday break? Well, a safari may be the most interesting thing you have ever done during your holidays, but it can turn out to be a complete nightmare if you do not pack some safari essentials. Below is a checklist of the things you need to pack.

1. Comfortable clothes

You need to know the geography, weather and the customs of the place you are visiting. If you are going to Africa, jungle boots and khaki trousers and shirts will do. If you are touring an Islamic country, throw in a hijab...you do not want to offend the locals' sensibilities. If you are heading to the arctic, park a lot of warm clothes.

2. Sun block lotion, sun glasses and a brimmed hat

Going to a sunny destination? These items will help you block extreme sun rays.

3. Camping gear

If you are going to the jungle, you will need tents, torches, match box, sleeping bags etc.

4. Compass

Are you going to explore alone? Getting lost in the jungles is the order of the day. A compass will be your only true friend.

5. Maps

You do not want to end up in a destination you did not plan to go. Make sure you pack a well-marked map of your destination.

6. A camera

Make sure you carry your camera with extra memory chips and batteries. Some places you go on a safari has no electricity.

7. Binoculars

If you are on a wildlife safari, especially in Africa, make sure you carry binoculars. Some animals may be located in places inaccessible by the vehicle you are using.

8. Plug converter

You do not want to travel with a camera or a smartphone that uses a different code of electricity standard from your host country. Make sure you have a converter with you. Your destination may be off the beaten path and buying one can be difficult.

9. Insect repellant

If you are going into the jungle, trust me; the repellant will be your best friend against the buzzing insects such as fries and mosquitos.

10. Medication

You cannot afford to risk bad health in a foreign country that does not stock your medicine. Make sure you carry your doctor's prescription drugs. They may not be available in your destination.

There you have it. Enjoy your safari and make memories out of it.

by Kennedy Runo on 04/16/2015 in Adventure