10 Things you probably didn’t know about St. Martin but should

So your friends have recommended that you spend your next holiday in St. Martins and are wondering what you ought to know about the island. Well, today is your lucky day. I have compiled a list of the 10 top things you should know before you book that flight to the Caribbean. Have a look;

1.    The island is 2-in-1. One of them is called St. Martin and is part of France while the other is called St. Maarten, and it is part of Netherlands.

2.    The island has a total surface area of 87 square kilometers shared in the ratio of 61:31 between the two countries.

3.    Total population is 77,741, of whom 40,917 reside on the Dutch side while the remaining 36,824 live on the French side.

4.    To get to the island, you will book an airline that lands in Princess Juliana International Airport.

5.    Now that you know which island is which, let's know something about St. Martin, on the French side. The main language here is French.

6.    The capital of St. Martin is called Marigot.

7.    The peoples you will find here include; Afro Caribbean, Caucasian, Chinese, Indian and mixed.

8.    St. Martin has Tropical Moonson Climate. Temperatures will not exceed 34 degrees centigrade nor fall below 20 degrees centigrade.

9.    Pic Paradis is the highest point here at 424 meters.

10.  St. Martins is renowned worldwide for its upscale beachside resorts. If you love beach living, this is the place to go.


by Kennedy Runo on 05/05/2015 in Awesome Travel Stuff