5 Best diving sites in Indonesia

Indonesia is a sovereign state located in Southeast Asia and Oceania. It is an archipelago that is made up of thousands of islands. The country boasts the Coral Triangle, a region with the highest marine bio diversity than any other in the world.

Thus said, the country is a major holiday destination where adventure seekers and business travellers alike find lots of fun. If you are the like that enjoy the adrenaline rush offered by diving to the bottom of the ocean, you are welcome to try the following top diving spots in the country;

1. Komodo Islands

How about swimming with sharks, tuna, and the newly discovered Pontohi pygmy seahorse? The Komodo Islands and Komodo National Park offers you the rare chance to see the surreal underwater world.

2. Raja Ampat

Set sail to this destination and get to see the marvels of West Papua. Few boats venture out this far. You will have ' Christopher Columbus' moments upon diving to the bottom deep. Discover and get to see what very few men will ever get to see. Make sure you have your underwater camera.

3. Bunaken Island National Marine Park in Manado

Nothing beats the feeling you get when you can see 7 times more species in the ocean deep here than you can see in Hawaii. This destination is cheap compared to Hawaii, and yet you can see so much more. The reef system here gives life to things you can never imagine existed.

4. Triton Bay

Here you get to swim with pilot whales, turtles and sharks. Vast forests, schools of fish and silence will be your neighbors for the entire period underwater. It is so peaceful here.

5. Bali Islands

Most probably, you have heard of Bali. However, most people will tell you of its hotels and spas. However, there is another side to Bali. It is rich in dive spots. Its coral ridges, ship wrecks, steep banks, drop offs, volcanic outcrops make it the undisputed top diving destination in the world.

Welcome to Indonesia and have fun!

by Kennedy Runo on 02/10/2015 in Outdoor Activities