5 best restaurants in Nice

The city of Nice is literally one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It features many beaches and is nestled on the shores of Mediterranean Sea. It is therefore a resort city that is graced by more billionaires than any other city in the world.

With such kind of patrons, the city has developed one of the most elaborate gourmet dining industry in the world. If you are lucky enough to have a chance to visit this city, make sure you sample delicacies served in the following top-rated Nice restaurants.

1. Chantecler - Housed in the larger Negresco Hotel, this restaurant serves the best dishes in Nice. At only 10 Euros for both wine and food, I doubt you can get a better deal in any other restaurant in Nice.

2. La Reserve De Nice - The views offered by this restaurant are unequaled in France. You can have your lunch on the terrace overlooking the water, or dinner celebrating the views of Baie des Anges sunset. It is a one-Michelin star restaurant

3. Keisuke Matsushima - Located in Rue de France, Keisuke Matsushima is one of the few Michelin-starred restaurants in Nice. For lunch, there is usually enough space for everybody. Dinner is however another story and you need to book in advance to ensure you have a place reserved for you.

4. L'ane Rouge - Chef Michel Devillers has carved a name for this restaurant among the great eats in Nice. The fact that the restaurant is not as elaborately furnished and decorated as the top rated restaurant and yet has made a niche for itself among the best is telling. Why don't you head out there and see for yourself.

5. Bistrot d'Antoine - This is a modern restaurant that was opened in 2007. It features both upstairs and street terrace dining and serves some of the best Italian risotto dishes in France. Make sure you have at least one meal at this restaurant.

Other popular restaurants in Nice include; Diamant Noir, Don Camillo Creations, Les Viviers, Luc Salsedo , Sapore, La Merenda and many more. Nice is an expensive resort city, however, money spent here is money well spent. If you are yet to travel to Nice, make sure you add the city to the top of your bucket list.

by Kennedy Runo on 03/25/2014 in Dining