5 Budget-Friendly Hotels in Boracay

Every year, thousands of people swarm to the white beaches of Boracay, Philippines to enjoy the sand, sun, and sea. This is a popular beach destination all year round and it's not surprising because of it's natural beauty and lively scene.

If you are planning to spend your next holiday in Boracay, but you have limited budget, here are some of the best yet affordable hotels you can check out:

  1. The Lazy Dog Bed & Breakfast: A quiet and laid-back property, vacationers will find themselves chilling in this highly recommended budget hotel in Bulabog Beach. This is one of the few places in Boracay with the "Old Boracay" feel. FYI, they've got free Wi-Fi here!
  2. La Carmela de Boracay: Also located in Bulabog Beach, La Carmela de Boracay is known as a family-friendly hotel. It has a pool, pool bar, and private karaoke and movie rooms. Its location is quite convenient, too, since it's near the tourist center and wet market.
  3. Eurotel Boracay: Located on Balabag Beach and near Wiley's Rock is Eurotel Boracay, a hotel perfect for business travelers. They offer free Wi-Fi connection in public hotel areas.
  4. Boracay Holiday Resort: Right at the heart of Manggayad is a sprawling Mediterranean-inspired resort with a pool, spa, gym, coffee shop, and restaurant. The restaurant is a must-try with their spread of scrumptious international cuisines.
  5. Hey Jude Resort Hotel: Named after the famous song by The Beatles, Hey Jude is a trendy hotel that has comfortable rooms with room service. Its location is quite convenient since it's right within the D'Mall area.

Going on a holiday need not be expensive. You can go to famous destinations like Boracay and enjoy your stay in a comfortable hotel without breaking the bank or sacrificing a wonderful vacation experience. Book your holiday with a travel agent today!

by Kimberley Reyes on 09/21/2015 in Sea & Sand