5 Cruises For Couples

You've saved some money for a few years and want to take your honey on a cruise. Or maybe you want to take a cruise for a honeymoon, or just to get away. You should, there is nothing like it.

There you are, you and your special someone finally on a dream cruise. How did you end up deciding which cruise to take? Hm, there is something to think about. All those different cruises out there can be mind boggling. You don't want to end up on a cruise with small children or swinging singles. Here's some suggestions just for you.

The Alaskan cruise can take you on a tour through the icy waters. Make sure to head to the deck and watch for killer whales and blue whales playing amid some icebergs.

Cruise the Bahamas and make memories that will last a lifetime or at least five years before you go back and make more. You can shop till you drop and play the slots at the casinos before heading aboard ship to have dinner.

Take a ride on the Pride of Hawaii. This cruise is sure to be romantic and fun. In one cruise you get everything Hawaii has to offer and all the places in between.

The Diamond Princess cruise goes from October to May and will make a dream come true. Go see Mexico in all its glory. Acapulco, Cabo San Lucas (where the stars go to vacay), and Puerto Vallarta are all destinations when you cruise in style.

Carnival Valor is a cruise worthy of a song. Come to think of it wasn't that a Beach Boys song? Antigua, Jamaica, oh, you know the lyrics. There is so much to see and do on this cruise, you will want to come home and brag to everyone.

So, take your special someone and go on that cruise you've been wanting to go on. Now is the time, don't waste another moment in agonizing indecision over those thousands of cruises out there. Take a little trip and have a great time.

by Blogger007 on 11/07/2013 in River or Ocean Cruises