5 things to consider when planning a beach wedding

Beach weddings are popular due to the scenic backdrop they offer to the cameramen, the romantic aura provided by the oceans and also due to the cool breeze that will be emanating from the high seas. However, before you plan a beach wedding, there are several things you will find are worth considering. They are espoused below.

1. Legalities

Are you holding a wedding in a foreign country's beach? Are there permits required to hold a beach wedding? Does the country recognize beach weddings as legal contracts? You must consider all the legalities involved in marriages before planning a beach wedding. It is especially very important if your wedding is held in a country other than your own.

2. Weather

You need to do a thorough research on the weather of the beach where you will hold your wedding. Rains, high tides, strong winds and influx of people out for the sun are all things that can ruin the best laid plans.

3. Wedding Attire and Color Schemes

Ensure that the color of the wedding attire complements the sands on the beach. Your wedding photos will look blurry if your wedding clothes are white on white sand beaches. Do not make your guests wear official attire if you are holding your wedding on the sand. Rather, inform them to wear flip flops, hats, sunblock lotion and floral dresses.

4. Music and Sound Equipment

Some artists will not bring their equipment on the sand. Others will require additional money to transport the equipment. Prepare to spend a little bit more for your dream beach wedding.

5 Guests

Your guests comfort should be your priority. Is there a nearby parking on the beach? Surely you do not expect your 80 year old grandmother to walk two kilometers on the sand...What is the size of your guest list? Many beaches that offer wedding venues are private and cannot host a large number of people.

Note that all these things will cost money. Make sure you have a budget that can take care of the expenses of beach weddings. If you take care of all the above issues, you will have the best beach wedding ever.


by Kennedy Runo on 01/06/2014 in Rest & Relaxation