5 Tips On How To Keep Your Gadgets Safe While Travelling

Truth be told - all of us have at one time lost an important gadget such as a laptop, smartphone, an iPod, a tablet, or even worse - your entire luggage. This not only sets us behind financially but also loses us a lot of data. Below are a few things you can do to safeguard your gadgets when on travel.

1. Back up your data

No matter how well you safeguard your gadget, bad luck may strike and you will lose your smartphone or laptop. The best way to safeguard data is by backing it up in the cloud. Nowadays there are a lot of companies that offer back up services to individuals and companies. Ensure you have backed up all your files and contacts in such platforms as Google Drive and Drop box.

2. Keep them in your carry-on bag

All airlines allow you to carry a small bag on the plane. Always make sure that your important gadgets remain with you. Do not keep them in your large suitcase. Some unscrupulous airports' luggage attendants open the luggage and steal valuable gadgets.

3. Insure them

Does this sound like paranoia? Well it should. Insure your gadgets when you travel so that in case of loss, you will be compensated. Insuring small gadgets may sound like a lot of fuss but it goes a long way in keeping your wallet intact.

4. Lock your the gadgets away

Important gadgets are not carried like clothes or a laundry bag. Always carry expensive gadgets in a locked bag if possible.

5. Turn off the Wi-Fi

Some tech geeks are so good at stealing data. If your gadget has some sensitive data, you are well advised to turn the Wi-Fi connection off. This minimizes unauthorized connection to your gadget.

Every smart traveller will always seek creative ways to keep their gadgets’ software and hardware components safe. Not doing so is putting your gadgets in danger of getting stolen. In fact, minimize the number of gadgets you travel with. If you can save your files in the cloud and access them from a Cyber Cafe in your destination, do it. If you can carry all your files in an external hard disk, leave the laptop at home. This way, you reduce the chances of exposing your gadgets to security risks.

by Kennedy Runo on 06/17/2015 in Before your trip