A guide to the eateries of Greece

Greece is an ancient country. It was made popular by Emperor Alexander the Great who ruled the then populated parts of the world. From his conquered territories, Greece imported many culinary experiences which formed their unique take on food.

Today, Greece is second only to Italy - another great power during the roman empire - in gourmet food cooking. Greek restaurants both within and outside its borders have carved a name for themselves as places you can expect to eat a great meal. Below are some of the popular eateries in Greece.

1. Varoulko

For a taste of the best Greece Cuisines, visit this Athenian restaurants it serves all the major Greece dishes such as Spanakopita with cubed feta, Astakomacaronada(spaghetti with lobster), Bifteki (Ground beef burgers either baked, fried or grilled), and Chtapodi sti schara (grilled octopus in vinegar, oil and oregano) among others.

2. Funky Gourmet

This restaurant was ranked number one by Trip Advisor as the best place to have a meal in Greece in 2013. It offers contemporary Cuisines such as greek salad sorbet. It boasts a multi-lingual professional staff body which goes out of its way to ensure that customers are well served.

3. Oroscopo

Located in Athen's Antinoros Street, Oroscopo is best known for its Greek, Italian, Mediterranean, Pizza & Pasta cuisines. If you want to have a taste of the continent Europe gourmet dining, then this restaurant will more than deliver.

4. Belpaese

This is a reservations only restaurant that serves as a romantic getaway restaurant. If you want a candle lit dinner, you just need to request the hotel staff. They can set a table for any kind of occasion whether its just an evening out, anniversary, a special date etc.

5. Avocado

Are you a vegetarian? This chic restaurant gives the best meatless food you can find in Europe. It offers homemade vegetarian cuisines that can be washed down with exotic wines from the Greece Vineyards.

Other popular restaurant in Greece include; Gostijo, Lithos, Jimas Ginger, Fresko Yogurt Bar and many more. If you want to sample the best of ancient world civilization culinary exploits with some Greece influence, then Greece eateries will be your best bet.

by Kennedy Runo on 12/20/2013 in Dining