A Scenic But Challenging Course At Braid Hills Public Golf Course

Located on the Braids Hills Approach in Edinburgh is one of the most scenic golf courses in the United Kingdom. Now if you are a golfer, you probably know that the golf courses standards in the UK are way above average and so if Braids Hill Public Golf Course is scenic, it makes your golfing experience so much better.

The course offers the players the panoramic views of Castle, Arthur's Seat, and North Berwick Law. It is set on beautiful, yellow flowered contours that will give the ultimate test to a professional golf player. The native gorse bushes, hilly crag and slopes make the course an even more challenging place to play golf. It has in the past been the testing ground for James Braid and Tommy Armour.

As if to enhance its beauty, Brad Hills is designed in such a way that you can see the stunningly beautiful Pentland Hills Edinburgh skyline, and Firth of Forth. In such beauty, even the most reluctant golfer cannot resist the urge to swing his club over a couple of holes.

The Braid Hills is an 18-hole course, but with an option of playing 9-holes. The Braids and Wee Braids courses are combined during the winter months of December to March to avoid using the greens. The course offers ample parking spaces, changing facilities and a shop where you can hire trolleys as well as buy refreshments.

The club offers adult and junior coaching lessons during the week for those that are interested in becoming professional golf players or golfing coaches. The fact that the facility is open to public makes the club even more popular.

If you are ever in Edinburgh and feel like enjoying a game of golf, then you know where to go. While at it, why don’t you try and learn a trick or two from the professional golf trainers available at the course?  Even better - if you are in Edinburgh for business, why don’t you invite your client to the golf course and discuss the business matters over a game of golf? Most people find talking easy when not in a formal setting.

by Kennedy Runo on 06/17/2015 in Golf