Foundations Renewal Retreat in Jamaica

Foundations Renewal Retreat in Jamaica

May 25-June 1, 2013


Would you like to participate in a life changing travel experience? There are many new powerful and fulfilling transformational retreats to choose from. Here are just a few:

Please meet Diana Bourel

Diana Bourel has created and run spa programs for luxury properties, yoga retreats and is a visiting consultant for some of the leading spa properties in the world including Chiva-Som and Kamalaya in Thailand.

Samples of Diana’s powerful, highly customizied, transformational journeys.

Here is a quick glimpse at the 2012 calendar looks like:

In March, we follow the Incas on a pilgrimage toward spirit. The trip will include visiting the historical capitol, Quito, and acclimating to the altitude. Then, we head to the Cotopaxi, which means “Neck of the Moon”, one of the most challenging peaks in South America. We’ll climb from look out to the refuge centre some 4000 m above sea level, before winding our way down the mountain, lessons in hand. The trip concludes with an experience that takes us into the ancestral heart of transformation and indigenous spiritual practice. We’ll work with a medicine man and healing plants on a Vision Quest that will profoundly affect worldview and self-relationship.

In April and October, Rhythm of the Heart, a first-ever vacation for the Brain. We will be weaving yoga and lifestyle counselling into daily sessions with Ronnie Gardiner and his Rhythm Method, currently used in hospitals and clinics to help stroke patients recover. When applied in a Wellness context, the Ronnie Gardiner Rhythm Method is a powerful, simple and fun way of exercising the brain and improving memory, mood, and the brain’s plasticity.


In May, August and December, The Art of Self Care, a Yoga Detox trip I will be teaching at the Anacaona boutique hotel operated by Sue and Robin Ricketts. The 7-day program will remove toxins from the physical, mental and emotional body. A steady program of yoga, colonics, spa food, water work and hikes will improve health, beauty, energy and rebalance the blood and organ systems. A great way to rejuvenate, shed unwanted weight, and get back on track.

In June, Yoga Detox trip to Bangkok and Kamalaya Spa Resort in Koh Samui Thailand for the second edition. The trip starts in Bangkok with a combination of sightseeing, shopping and girlie-girlie beauty treatments. After the bustle of the city, Thai food and excitement, we head to Kamalaya for lockdown in this paradise resort. The 7-day program here combines full day yoga, meditation, spa treatments, colonics, and award winning spa food.


From July 1- August 5, a Yoga summer camp (accessed on an a la carte basis) with two specially priced Shreespa weeks in July. This is an informal day camp (non-residential) where participants can deepen their yoga practice, delve into the spiritual teachings, and try on island life like a local in 1-week increments.

End August, Shari will be running Motorcycle Diaries, Shreespa’s first motorcycle-spa-journey takes you through Napa, resting each night at a different upscale spa or vineyard hotel for treatments and memorable meals along the way. Mornings begin with pre-ride yoga and wind down with late-afternoon massages targeted specifically to relieve muscles sore from riding. Harley rentals pre-arranged (or bring your own). Late August to early September.

In September, a Mother – Daughter trip combining Beauty, Health and Healing so that these intimate and often emotionally charged relationships can be taken to new levels. Transpersonal workshop to help pacify the past and to strengthen bonds in a celebratory expression of womanhood and community.

It’s a strong program of healing, health and change that will cross cultures, continents, linguistic groups and traditions and will take us to the Caribbean, Asia, South America and the USA.

For more information on these amazing journeys, please contact us at InStyle Vacations. It will be our pleasure to assist.