Astounding Abseiling Spots In Sydney You'll Love To Visit

Abseiling is hard word. Let's define it first.

To abseil is 'to descend a steep slope or vertical drop by a rope secured from above and coiled around one's body or through karabiners attached to one's body in order to control the speed of descent'


'To descend by rope from a helicopter'

Sidney, the largest city in Australia is one of the best places for an abseiling experience. Below are some of the spots that you will enjoy this adrenaline inducing sport in Sydney.

1. The Blue Mountains

2. The Warrumbungles and Bungonia National Parks

3. Jenolan Caves and Abercrombie Caves

4. Wombeyan Caves

5. Yarrangobilly Caves

6. Glenworth Valley

The above destination will give the word adventure new meaning. The surrounding area is beautiful and full of life. The activities you will get to engage in are guts wrenching and the hospitality is out of this world.

by Kennedy Runo on 03/31/2015 in Adventure