Backpacking Europe? Instyle Vacation's Top Must See attractions in this beautiful Continent

Every traveler at heart at some point have fantasized about closing the office,  buying an open ticket, grabbing their knapsack and just going. The freedom to go anywhere and everywhere, and one great place to live out this dream, is in the breathtaking continent of Europe.

Undoubtedly one of the most popular backpacking locations, Europe stands as an epoch of old world elegance fused with new world charm. From the fighting bulls of Madrid, Spain to the majestic and culturally rich Roman ruins, this is the perfect destination to take your backpack and trek.

Once you have made that collective decision, whether as a group of friends, you and your beau or just you, Instyle Vacations have taken this opportunity to highlight our top picks to experience while on your European adventure.


 Norway - The Northern Lights

Words cannot express the magnificence of this natural wonder. It is romantic, haunting and absolutely breathtaking as you trek through the terrains of the Arctic Circle. The jaw dropping sight of  colors are canvased across the sky, sometimes three green bands appear, at other times there is more of a flickering curtain of lights. Along with the main color of green, you can see pinks and violets too. A magical spectacular awaits when the spring and autumn equinoxes arrive which is within the period of March and September.


 England - Stonehenge

Stonehenge is a collection of huge pre-historic standing stones near Salisbury in the UK county of Wiltshire. The allure of this site is that no one really knows when or why it was built making it even more wonderfully mysterious for travelers worldwide. Take your cameras out and bask in the glorious sight of these natural wonders.


France - The Eiffel Tower

Unmistakably one of the world's most popular attractions. Visit the city of romance Paris, France and dine in the exquisite ambiance of the city of lights and love. This landmark was erected in the late 1800's by Alexandre Gustave Eiffel and was proposed to have lasted for just 20 years. Now standing strong, the Eiffel Tower is expected to be forever etched into the magnetism of the city of Paris.


 Italy - The Ruins of Pompeii

An incredibly moving experience, this landmark was the result of a natural volcanic eruption which caused widespread destruction to the nearby town of Pompeii. Seeing the remains give travelers an overwhelming and awe-inspiring experience, as guides relive the tale of this haunting city.


Germany - Berlin Nightlife

The best place for visual art, music and an exciting cultural experience while in Europe. Fist pump in the clubs of the city or dine at any of the tons of restaurants and bars that line the streets. Stroll the streets and experience the magnificent sights and sounds. Berlin is considered the 'other city that never sleeps".


Spain - Barcelona and Madrid

Two cities that are essential to see and experience. Imagine the rush of watching smartly dressed men inside a ring with a ferocious bull or experience a parade where tomatoes plaster the city walls while people are joyfully masquerading through the streets. Spain also holds a magnificent history and holds a strong cultural experience that you might never experience anywhere else.


Europe holds the key to an unforgettable cultural and aesthetic experience that will change your life. So if your considering to grap your pack and head out, consider some of these wonderful sights.


Don't think... Just Go!



by Susan Barone on 10/18/2013 in Sightseeing