Best Burger in joints Sydney

‘From a former penal colony to a first class global city’ is the story of the Australian city of Sydney. Not even the 'criminal' tag could prevent the city to rise from a jailhouse to the largest and richest city in Australia. Of course, it has had its own fair share of challenges but every time, it would surmount them and march on, even more powerful. Below is a list of one of the little nuggets that have made the city great...of course I am talking about the burger joints that have helped keep American dollars from American tourists in Sydney.

1. Rockpool Bar and Grill

With its popular signature burger, the Full Blood Wagyu Hamburger which costs $29, you can be sure that this restaurant will continue to outrank its competitors for the years to come. The burger, which has smokehouse bacon, Gruyere cheese and Zuni pickle toppings, has gained the restaurant a cult-like following.

2. Moo gourmet Burgers

From the Kangaroo burgers to tasty fries and sweet served here, you will relish every moment you spend in this chic restaurant. Apparently, you have the option to choose several locations. Check out the restaurant's website hyperlinked above to see where.

3. Chur Burger

At this restaurant, you have the option of choosing a beef, chicken, lamb, pork, fish and veggie burger. You can opt to have the burger served along snacks such as crispy quail eggs with tarragon mayo, fries and old-school flavored milkshakes

4. Jamie's Italian

Located at the heart of Sydney, this restaurant has become popular for its Burger Italiano which is made with wooden-skewered bun impressively divided by Wagga Wagga patty, salami, lettuce, tomato salsa, dill pickles, fontina cheese, fried onions and chili. If this is not the most delicious burger you have ever eaten, then I do not know what is.

5. The Forresters

Cheddar cheese, pickles, onion rings and mustard mayo are some of the materials used to make the delicious cheeseburgers served at this restaurant. The restaurant is set on the Riley Street in Surry Hills; a nice place to watch people as they go about their business.

Sydney is a huge place with a lot of fun activities to do. From the watersports, shopping, to nightlife, theaters and museums as well as festival; a tourist will always have something interesting to do. While having all this fun, do not forget to sample the Australian burgers in any of the above joints.


by Kennedy Runo on 02/21/2014 in Dining