Central Amazon Conservation Complex. You Gotta Go Here

Of all the conservation reserves in the Amazon Basin, the Central Amazon Conservation Complex is the largest, covering over 6 million hectares. It is made up of igapo forests, varzea ecosystems and an evolving mosaic of plant and animal species.

The following are the major conservations within the park:

1.    Jaú National Park

2.    Demonstration area of Mamairauá Sustainable Development Reserve

3.    Amanã Sustainable Development Reserve and

4.    Anavilhanas Ecological Station located in Amazonas State  

During the wet season, the region’s rivers create magnificent white sand beaches and flooded forests. The wet season is also characterized with stream beds, channels and paranas. Along the majestic Carabinani River is the equally majestic nine-tier waterfall which forms a significant section of the blackwater drainage.

The forests in this conservancy are just an extension of the forests of the Amazon Central Plain. The Negro river provides the ideal conditions for vegetation that is characterized with dense tropical forests and open tropical forests. The dense tropical forests are immune from the weather vagaries caused by flooding and the open forests are the best example of the tropical forests in areas that are between two distinct geo-botanical zones

The fauna in the park is nothing short of awe-inspiring. There are hundreds of different animals’ species in the blackwater river systems. The biodiversity includes 120 species of mammals, 320 species of fish, 411 species of birds, and 15 species of reptiles. Make sure you get to see the endemic jaguar, giant otter black caiman, South American river turtle and Amazonian manatee. Note the importance of the ecosystem in the fact that 60% of the fish species are found in the Negro Watershed alone and 60% of birds found here are only found in Central Amazon

Of course your tour cannot be complete without exploring the numerous stone carving that are found along the river’s edge. It is a clear indication of human habitation in the past. The Central Amazon Conservation Complex beckons – the smart tourist will oblige such an invitation. It is one of those experiences one wishes they could relive over and over again.

by Kennedy Runo on 06/17/2015 in Awesome Travel Stuff