City of Vicenza and the Palladian Villas of the Veneto

The city of Vicenza was founded in the 2nd century BC in Northern Italy. The city represents the artistic achievement of the Venetian Rule from the 15th century to 18th century. Of particular interest is the world of Andrea Palladio who lived from 1508 to 1580.

The work of this architect follows the Roman architectural theme giving Vicenza a unique appearance. His villas and urban buildings spread to the whole of Veneto region and influenced other architectural works in the Europe.

This unique style was named Palladian and was particularly adopted in England and North America.

Among the buildings that Andrea Palladio built in Vicenza include a Basilica, Loggia del Capitaniato, Teatro Olimpico and several private buildings. A whopping 26 buildings are said to have been designed, built or reconstructed by Palladio. Those that are attributed to him and have been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites number 23 in the city as well as 3 villas in the immediate environs of Vicenza.

The townhouses were integrated into the urban fabric of the medieval city creating a picture perfect ensemble of contiguous street facades which articulated Veneto Gothic style and Palladio’s classicism. A notable style that is unique to Vicenza is the combination of theater design that linked reality and make-believe. It is this approach that was used in a villa known as La Rotonda as well as Villa Cricoli.

It would seem that the Venetians were adept at spreading their culture to the regions over which they ruled. The acceptance of Venice in Vicenza creates a blending of 2 cultures that brought out the best of the town. The beautiful landscape, although mostly credited to Palladio, would not have come up without the blessings of the Venetian court.

Just like the Queen of Adriatic, the city of Venice, Vicenza has a charm that is irresistible to those who love beautiful things. Its grand architecture, landscaped streets, corner fountains, parks and public gardens will leave you thoroughly impressed. The spirit of Vicenza goes on to show what one person’s dedication can accomplish. It is an inspiring story that can help you get ahead in life.

by Kennedy Runo on 05/25/2015 in Culture & History