Defining Luxury Travel

The world has become smaller with time, and that's not necessarily a bad thing - it gives us the ability to seek out new adventures and find happiness in the places we never imagined we could see. With today's convenient and quick modes of transportation, we can escape the chaos of our real lives for a while and become swept away in the relaxing breeze from the Caribbean sea or find ourselves encased in the leisure of a Paris Spa.

Popular tourist spots are practically climbing over each other for the opportunity to ensnare us with their promises of opulence and indulgence, but what truly defines "luxury travel"? Is it the appropriation of downy soft bathrobes and Egyptian cotton sheets in an elaborately decorated hotel room? Perhaps a weekend of spa treatments is your personal idea of true luxury. In the end, there is no accurate definition of the term "luxury", as we all view it from behind our own shade of rose-coloured glasses. Luxury simply is as we perceive it.

Some places in this world seem to have been born with the purpose of providing us with a little sample of heaven. Tropical white-sand beaches stretching out to aquamarine waters and brightly coloured coral reefs call to our sense of beauty. Mountain resorts with warm fires nestled in snowy peaks appeal to our need for romance. Most important of all, though, it is the comfort and serenity of a place that grants us with the one thing we seek most - a taste of luxury.

While it's certainly possible to find some leisure time at home or in a cozy cabin on a beachfront cottage property, there's something to be said for the chance to get away from it all - the stresses of daily life, the challenge of evading the chaos of the city, or hiding from some unpleasant weather on the horizon. To find luxury, we need to learn to seek it out and give our hearts the freedom to lead the way.

by Colleen Ludgate on 12/02/2013 in Rest & Relaxation