Discover the Flavours of Thailand on a Bangkok Food Tour

You won't find the taste of authentic Thai food, perfected over generations by home cooks and local chefs, anywhere but in Thailand. To really appreciate the art and effort that goes into each dish, one must take to the streets of Bangkok - the food capital of Thailand - and seek out the secrets of Thai cuisine.

Eating the food isn't enough, though. A Bangkok Food Tour will share with you stories about the restaurants you encounter and offer you insight and knowledge into the culture and history of Thailand.

A Bangkok Food Tour will guide you to Thai eateries, fine dining restaurants, and even to the small food carts that line the streets offering you the most complete variety of flavours in Bangkok. You'll want to begin each day's tour on an empty stomach, as it will be difficult to resist finishing each and every plate you are served.

There are several tour options to choose from ... or choose more than one, if you can "stomach" it. Each tour is based on food and culture with the addition of themes, such as bicycle tours, walking tours, and private group tours.

Every tour is conducted by an experienced and highly qualified tour guide who is fluent in the English language and includes a headset to ensure you hear every word with crystal clarity despite the noise of Bangkok streets.
Since each tour is limited to 12 people, the experience remains fairly intimate and ensures you the opportunity to be heard when questions arise,

Even for a long time resident like me, there were things on this trip I probably wouldn't have ordered on my own, so it's a trip I would recommend to frequent visitors as well as first timers. - MichaelBKK, Fodor's Travel

When you decide to take a Bangkok Food Tour, you are giving yourself newfound knowledge, incredible taste experiences, and memories to last a lifetime.

by Colleen Ludgate on 10/26/2013 in Dining