Enjoy a cable car ride in Grenoble, France

Known as the “Capital of the Alps”, the city of Grenoble will appeal to both the young and “not so young” travelers. There is nothing you can’t enjoy in this city which has become an important hub of scientific research and high-tech industries in Europe.

Located in southeastern France at the foot of the French Alps, Grenoble is nestled along the convergence of river Isere and Drac. The city is inhabited by more than 160,000, covers a total area of 7.12 square miles, and is blessed with a climate that makes it ideal for travelers to enjoy outdoor activities all throughout the year. It is a premier ski destination but during the summer, you can enjoy a number of activities without having to hit the slopes. Often overlooked by first-time travelers who tend to visit the bigger and more popular cities in France, Grenoble will surprise you with its   fantastic dining options, energetic nightlife, excellent public transportation system, activities to experience, and friendly locals. Getting into Grenoble is not a problem. It is served by high speed trains from major cities of France, and is served by three airports nearby.

If you love to ski and snowboard, the city is just minutes away from a number of ski stations. In fact, it played host to the 1968 Winter Olympics. If you want to view the city and its surrounding areas, the first thing you must do in Grenoble is to take a Grenoble-Bastille Cable Car ride.  Aside from enjoying the views, you can also spend a few hours in Bastille. The city’s top attractions include a number of historic and cultural museums, Parc Naturel Regional du Vercors, Cathedral of Notre Dame, and Ancien palais du Parlement. The city is known for its food, so if you are a foodie, you must not miss cracking some Grenoble walnuts, savoring its local cheeses, and devouring local boiled pork sausages.

The city in the heart of the mountains will leave you breathless with its sights, activities and food. Consult your travel agent and start planning a trip to Grenoble. 

by Sunshine Silva on 12/28/2015 in Sightseeing