Enjoy a vineyard tour and wine tasting and at Chamard Vineyards

Spend an afternoon feeling like you just flew to France, as you sip Pinot Noir and breathe in the fresh vineyard air. You may feel like you have arrived in Bordeaux, but the Chamard Vineyards is nestled conveniently on the Connecticut coast. This 40-acre property with it's sprawling vineyards, offers both vineyard tours and wine tasting for its guests.

Wine tastings take place every Friday and Saturday from 5-9 pm. Visitors can choose between the $15 wine tasting which includes the popular house wines that Chamard Vineyards produces or the $25 wine tasting which is a selection of Chamard Vineyards reserved label wines. Tours of the vineyard are free of charge during opening hours which are 11 - 6 on Tuesday-Sunday.

If you are looking to escape for an afternoon, visit the Chamard Vineyards for a French-inspired, luxurious day out. 

by Blogger007 on 05/21/2013 in Escorted or Guided Tour