Enjoy the Luxury Ranch, The Resort at Paws Up in Montana

Retreat to this luxury ranch resort on the wide plains of Montana. The Resort at Paws Up, situated on 37,000 acres of working cattle ranch, allows you to relax away from the bustle of daily life to a wilderness sanctuary in Western Montana. 

You will see hundreds of Black Angus Cows roaming the pastures of this Resort with authentic ranch activities such as cattle drives and riding chuck wagons. Whether with family or your intimate partner, enjoy the activities of the adventurous resort. White river raft along the 10-mile-long Blackfoot River or try your fishing luck for a quiet afternoon. Or why not saddle for a true Montana horseback riding experience or float in hot balloons above the Lewis and Clark routes. 


After hours of adventure, return to an expansive private villa or luxurious, safari style tent for a rustic vacation experience as you watch the sunset in the horizon. Choose from luxury homes located in the meadows with a scenic view or the classy canvas tents in view of the star-filled moonlit sky. 

Eat traditional ranch cuisine from local ingredients such as Fresh Rocky Mountains Trout, huckleberries from the surrounding mountain slopes paired with world class Napa Valley Wines. With each meal, you connect with the rustic atmosphere around the Ranch. 


The Resort at Paws Up offers health and fitness rejuvenation experiences at the Spa Town, located in canvas tents. Here you can unwind with the sounds of Mother Nature to relax your body and mind. Professionals will exfoliate your body and re-energize your souls. 

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by Susan Barone on 09/20/2013 in Hotels