Everything you need to know about JFK Airport in New York

If you have ever been in the New York City, you probably used the John F. Kennedy Airport. But have you ever wanted to know more about this airport? Below is a list of facts that you need to know about JFK Airport;

  1. It is located in the Borough of Queens in New York City, about 12 miles southeast of lower Manhattan.
  2. It is codenamed as follows; IATA (JFK), ICAO (KJFK), FAA LID (JFK)
  3. The Airport is owned by the City of New York and is operated by Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.
  4. In relative terms, JFK Airport handles the largest international air passenger traffic in North America.
  5. In terms of value of shipments, the airport is the third largest in the United States.
  6. It is estimated that the airport handled a total of 50,423,765 passengers in 2013. This makes it the 6th busiest in U.S and 16th in the world by passenger numbers.
  7. The airport was formerly known as New York International Airport in 1948and Idlewild Airport until 1963 when it was changed to JFK Airport in honor of the assassinated 35th US president.
  8. Over 90 airlines land here. The resident airline is Jet Blue Airline. It also serves as a major international gateway to American Airlines and Delta Airlines.
  9. It is one of the 2 airports in North America that has scheduled flights to all the 6 inhabited continents...the other is Toronto Pearson International Airport.
  10. The airport has 8 active terminals, 4 runways, and sits on a 31.2 square kilometers piece of land. Its 13R–31L (4900 meters log) runway was constructed as a backup runway for space shuttles.
  11. Other facilities in the airport include; Ramada Plaza JFK Hotel, North American Airlines Headquarters in building 141, Hangar 17 (a 9/11 museum) among others.
  12. For your transportation from and to the airport, you can use New York City Subway and Long Island Rail Road; the Q3, Q6, Q7, Q10, and B15 bus services; New York City Cabs; US Helicopter from Terminal 3 and the East 34th Street Heliport; and Car rentals.

Now you know. Don't get lost in the ever buzzing airport. Above all, enjoy your stay in New York City.

by Kennedy Runo on 01/15/2015 in Before your trip