Experience the Great American Roadtrip via the Mohawk Trail

Included in the Massachusetts Route 2, the Mohawk Trail is now recognized as one of Massachusetts’ loveliest drives, promising a number of travel attractions en route, examples of which include roadside points of interest, gift shops and countless picturesque views.

One thing you shouldn’t miss when driving through the Mohawk trail is Mohawk Park’s Hail to the Sunrise Statue, which allows you to get a glimpse of the traditional Native American culture.

In addition, NY Times Travel writer Mark Vanhoenacker found out that there’s more to look forward to on a drive along the Mohawk Trail (“Driving the Mohawk Trail in Massachusetts”). Below is an excerpt of his recent road trip to this part of Massachusetts Route 2:

Minutes east of downtown North Adams — about four miles or where your ears begin to pop — you’ll reach the trail’s famous Hairpin Turn. There’s room to park, and a restaurant, the Golden Eagle, and the sublime view over the northern Berkshires that appears in so many vintage Mohawk Trail postcards… Farther up and east — just before the sign welcoming you to Florida, the high-altitude town reputed to be the coldest in Massachusetts — is a pull-off in North Adams for trails in the Hoosac Range (413-499-0596; bnrc.net). Choose between two hikes: an hour-long, mile-and-a-half round trip to Sunset Rock, a stone slab well positioned for westward gazes, or a six-mile round trip to Spruce Hill, where hawks and soaring, multistate views of rolling hills await. Both trails form part of the Mahican-Mohawk Trail, a decades-old, partly finished effort to reblaze a modern 100-mile hiking path between the Hudson and Connecticut River valleys.

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by Blogger002 on 10/08/2012 in Transportation