Experiencing the Tibetan Buddhist Culture in Tagong, China

Tagong, China


Found in the western part of the Chinese Sichuan Province is the humble town of Tagong, also recognized as Lhagan.

This Garze Tibetan destination is, in fact, situated in the remarkable region of Kham, which is actually a part of Tibet. Travelers are not only attracted to its picturesque grasslands as the top reason why they visit this part of China is because of its Tibetan Buddhist culture, which is primarily highlighted in its Tagong Monastery.

Find out more about this local travel attraction in Tagong in this travel article written by Kit Gillet o NY Times Travel ("Sichuan's Tibetan Corner, Outside of Time"). Here’s an excerpt of his adventure:

After checking into one of the colorful guesthouses across the central square from the monastery, I had simply followed the brightly dressed monks into the main hall to witness one of their several daily worship sessions… And it was easier than traveling to the Tibet Autonomous Region, which in addition to the visa and passport required to visit China, also requires a special entry permit that doesn’t promise unrestricted travel… That sort of unfettered access was my reason for going, and two hours into my stay it was clear that Tibetan culture and Buddhism remain at the heart of life in Tagong, albeit with slight tweaks to accommodate the few thousand foreign visitors who make the journey each year: a few guesthouses, yak-cheese pizza and arranged horse-trekking trips into the plains outside of town.

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