Find the Best Pinot Noir at Mission Hill Family Estate, British Columbia

Pinot Noir is renown world wide as a source of good wine. These grapes are grown in many major wine producing regions around the world. Canada is one of the countries producing wine from the Pinot Noir. One of the estates that has mastered the production of wine from these grapes is the Mission Family Estate.

Mission Hill Mission Estate was started in 1966 by businessmen around Okanagan Valley region, British Columbia. These businessmen had interests in wine production and saw it better to take the industry in the region to another level.

Mission Hill Family Estate is among the largest producers of wine in British Columbia. The estate contributes over 15% of all wine produced in the region. Much of it is produced from grapes on their  900 acres of vineyards. They also purchase grapes from neighboring vineyards. In fact, before they started growing grapes themselves, all their grapes for wine production were purchased until 1996, when the estate started growing its own grapes.

Mission Hill Family Estate has always organized for tasting events and tour. The tasting tours are organized throughout the year and visitors are encouraged to make prior reservations. Apart from tasting the wine, the visitors are taken through the history of wine production in the Okanagan Valley region, and in particular the role Mission Hill Family Estate has played in the development of the sector.

During the tours visitors are taken to the underground barrel cellars to experience the winery's vast collection.In addition, the visitors are engaged in a custom tasting of the wine in the Tasting Salons.

Mission Hill Family Estate is your best bet to understand the winery industry in the Okanagan Valley region, the British Colombia and the whole of Canada. There tours are informative and fun filled, especially with the tasting of the Pinot Noir wine.

by Blogger008 on 11/12/2013 in Escorted or Guided Tour