Get your adrenaline kicks by river rafting through the Copper Canyon

By Anita Draycott

River rafting on the various tributaries is one of the main attractions in the Copper Canyon. Papigochi River boasts some incredible rapids. It is located on the canyon’s northern region, 50 km from the town of Madera. Its water volume is catalogued as level III, which means that rafts can reach great speeds and require a good control. You’ll want to hire a guide.

On the Urique River, close to the town of Divisarero, the rafting is classified as level IV, depending on the season. This one is not for beginners. June through September is the best time to navigate this river.

Rio Grande at Peguis Canyon offers a gentler ride and some of the region’s most beautiful panoramic views of enormous canyon walls and vast desert scenery.

Several companies provide the rafts, guides and all the necessary equipment you’ll need to enjoy this experience.

by Khadijah Brown on 02/06/2016 in River or Ocean Cruises