Gobble on Affordable and Flavorful Local Fares When Visiting in Vietnam

Although you could always opt for classy restos to degustate on a mixture of Asian fares like Chinese, Japanese and Thai, you could also taste real Vietnamese fares by simply dropping by at small eateries and stalls that you’ll find on the side of the streets all throughout the country.

You can go for specific regional Vietnamese cuisines, though a must-have are foods that come from the country’s Central region, in which you’ll be treated to wheat noodles that come with shrimp, pork and herbs, called mi Quang, as well as beef noodle soup spiced with herbs, named bun bo Hue.

Even Sandra Howard of the Daily Mail UK Travel is amazed on how tasty Vietnamese cuisine is, not to mention how affordable this is (“A Vietnamese Adventure: Gourmet Delights and New Adventures in a Rising Asian Idyll”).

Below is a short excerpt of her article:

I saw noodle-cooking on pavements, squatting flower sellers, unfamiliar foods and, when I could drag my eyes away from the pulsing pavements, right above the tight-packed little stores were glimpses of the dilapidated, centuries-old French colonial architecture… With only one night in Hue, we checked out TripAdvisor for somewhere interesting to eat, and a small cafe called Bloom that was associated with a charity for homeless children won our vote… The set menu seemed a brave choice at first, but it was great. We were served with an array of small dishes, flavorful soup, slivers of vegetables and beef and a piquant mango salad. The girl serving us was delightful and once again the bill was incredibly small.

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by Blogger002 on 09/27/2012 in Dining