Haifa, Israel, a city where people of different faiths coexists harmoniously

The third largest city in Israel, Haifa is home to Jews, Christian Arabs, and Muslims who coexists harmoniously. In a world full of strife and animosity, the city is proud of being the model of peace, goodwill, and harmony.

Located on Mediterranean coastline of the country in the Bay of Haifa, Haifa is a major seaport and the regional center of Northern Israel. It was in 1918 when the city was captured by the British from the Ottomans, paving the way for rapid development of the city, and opening its doors to industrialization.  The 1947 UN Partition Plan designated Haifa as part of the Jewish State. This resulted into some violent encounters which resulted into injuries and death. By 1948, the Arab quarter of Haifa became a ghost city. It was also in that year that the city became the gateway for Jewish immigration. Today, Haifa is a melting pot of Jews, Christian Arabs, and Muslims who are determined to live harmoniously. Although there have been a few instances of hostilities and tension, Haifa is a safe place to visit and must be visited to learn more about the history of Israel and the Middle East in general. You can reach the city by bus or train from Tel Aviv, Akko, Beer Sheva, and Nahariyya. Although the city has its own airport, it is recommended that you fly into the Ben Gurion International Airport which has a train line direct to Haifa. The train ride takes about a little over an hour.

The best way to explore the city is by taking your time, and in an unhurried pace so you can really get to appreciate the attractions of the city. Its top attractions include the Baha'i Gardens and Golden Dome, Haifa Port, Stella Maris Lighthouse and Carmelite Monastery, Cave of Elijah, Hanging Bridge at Nesher Park, Sculptures Garden, Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum, Ein Hod Artists Village, National Maritime Museum, Railway Museum, Louis Promenade, Mount Carmel National Park. The city also boasts of a number of beaches where you enjoy a number of water activities. To explore more of Haifa and its surrounding area, you can join a sightseeing tour, hiking and camping tour, Segway tour, wine or beer tasting tour, or a historical and heritage tour.

You must visit the city of Haifa soon! Consult your travel agent for more details. 

by Sunshine Silva on 12/04/2015 in Culture & History