Hit Langkawi’s Top Beaches


Langkawi’s white sand beaches are simply some of Malaysia’s best. From its sandy bays to sweeping coastlines, the island’s beaches are beloved by locals, beach-bummers and travelers from across the world.

Pantai Cenang and its southern appendage of Pantai Tengah is the island’s most developed stretch and the place to head to for trendy restaurants and bars. Pantai Kok, located 12 km north of Cenang, fronts a beautiful bay surrounded by heavily forested mountains with limestone caves

Pantai Cenang – Langkawi’s main vein – may not be as rowdy as the Las Vegas strip but it is Malaysia’s most developed west-coast beach; its shores are a gorgeous mix of white sand, crystalline turquoise-blue waters and verdant palms.


The ripple of excitement you’re supposed to feel when you step onto the Pantai Cenang strip may not come. After all, even though these shores are purportedly the most stimulating stratum of Langkawi, that’s still not saying much.

The Langkawi Underwater World dominates the scene with its mammoth structure – but kids are most assuredly entertained here. Pantai Cenang’s beach is itself a popular attraction due to its beautiful sandy shores which face the crystalline waters and expansive horizon.

On the southernmost tip of Langkawi, lies Pantai Tengah – meaning 'Middle Beach' in Malay – a popular haven for family holidaymakers. Linked to the ever-popular Pantai Cenang just after the Lighthouse Restaurant, this one kilometer-long beach is the longest stretch of beach in Langkawi. It is a pleasant enough strip, albeit relatively quiet; sea activities such as boating are especially popular here.


There are more than a few ways to kick back and relax; spas are a dime a dozen and finding a tour operator to liven your day up with an island-hopping or mangrove eagle-feeding tour is as easy as pie. Pantai Tengah is a good place for gastronomic options and the nightlife scene here is definitely something to shout about but shopping outlets are sparse.

Pantai Kok has a pleasant range of tourist attractions to grab your attention. Besides relaxing on its clean-as-a-whistle beach, you can also head to the elaborate Oriental Village which plays host to a great deal of tourist attractions. The stunning Mat Chincang Mountain forms the perfect backdrop in the distance while the Telaga Harbour wharf – home to gleaming mega-yachts – makes you go green with envy at the sight.

Even though Langkawi is a small island, this quarter of the island manages to offer visitors more than a few entertainment options. Home to upscale resorts and a yacht haven, the crowds here are invariably a mix of well-heeled foreigners. Tourist attractions are spread out over Pantai Kok’s wide expanse making a car or a tour guide absolutely essential if you’d like to visit them all.


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by InStyle Vacations on 07/29/2013 in Rest & Relaxation