How To Avoid Loneliness When On Solo Holiday

Man was created to be a social being. There is no way you are going to spend a whole 3-weeks’ vacation alone without feeling lonely. Your spouse might be working throughout the vacation, you might be single, you friends might dislike your idea of vacation and thus refuse to accompany you, your vacation destination might be out of reach for your buddies...I mean, there can be a host of reasons why you are spending your vacation alone. But does it have to get lonely? Here are a few creative things you can do to escape the inevitable loneliness.

Avoid being alone

The moment you are alone in your hotel room and have nothing to do is when the loneliness starts setting in. Go out to the beach, pick up conversations with strangers, offer to buy them drinks, ask them if it is okay for you to join them - but never be alone!

Do not carry a book

Carrying a book when you are going for holiday is pretty desperate. You should have stayed at home and read the book from there. Holiday is about having fun; but not book fun! It is time to sample new foods, hike up into the mountains, soak in the rich tropical sun or even chat-up a beautiful lady or a hunky guy. Don't get me wrong; I have nothing against reading, but staying in a hotel room when everybody else is meeting new people doesn't seem very fun to me.

Throw a party

Throwing a party to complete strangers is one of the craziest things to do; but it is also one of the most interesting things to do. No person will pass up free drinks especially if they are also on holiday. Throwing a party will ultimately make you a lot of friends and get you invites to fun tours, activities and dinners.

Catch the local popular game at the local stadium

If you have never been to a stadium, then you have missed out on one of the easiest places to make friends. Going to a local stadium and cheering the local team will earn you instant friends. The mood in the stadiums is always carnivore. It has a way of lifting a person’s spirit very quickly. Just buy the persons sitting around you some beers and cheer the local team like a die-hard fan and you have yourself some lifetime friends.

There are so many ways of beating the loneliness bug when on a solo vacation. Next time you find yourself alone on holiday, you know what to do!


by Kennedy Runo on 06/18/2015 in Awesome Travel Stuff