How to handle currency changes in Buenos Aries

For the purposes of this blog, you need to know that Peso is the currency used in Buenos Aires, and indeed the entire Argentinean territory. The current exchange rate (subject to sudden changes) is 6.5 pesos for 1 US$. This rate has held steady from 2014. So how do you deal with the challenge of currency changes? Below is how.

1. Use the ATM's

There are hundreds of ATMs in the city. If you are having problem understanding Spanish, you can always use the ATM for cash dispense. Most of the ATM's are Link-, Cirrus-, and Plus-enabled. They also have English translation.

2. Carry Credit Cards

Most large tourist establishments accept credit cards. You don't have to worry about the exchange. Note; you need to carry some cash for tipping as the bill charged on credit card is not part of the tip.

3. Carry Cash in US Dollars

If you are a regular traveller you already know that the US dollar is the international medium of payment. If you have cash in dollars, you can use it to pay for hotels, restaurants and taxis.

4. The Cueva

This is the slang name given to the unofficial forex bureau. You can have your dollars exchanged for pesos at the rate of 12.75 pesos to a dollar.

5. Keep your pesos amount to the minimum

You do not want to have more pesos than you require at the end of your stay. You will probably change them at a poor rate than you bought them. The thumb rule here is keep only the amount of peso you require.

6. Ask to pay in dollars

Instead of going to the hassle of changing to pesos, you can ask whether you can pay in dollars

There you have it. Be careful when you change your money at the don't want somebody giving you less than you are required to have.

by Kennedy Runo on 02/03/2015 in Awesome Travel Stuff