Iguazu National Park you gotta go here

The Iguazu National Park is a located in the Argentine Iguazu Department, on the northern edge of the Misiones Province of Argentine Mesopotamia. The park is separated from Iguacu National Park and World Heritage Site in Brazil by the Iguacu River.

Note that both the Iguazu National Park in Argentina and Iguacu National Park in Brazil were both declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 1984. Both locations are surrounded by subtropical jungle and are thought to be some of the most beautiful national parks in the world.

Amazingly, part of this ecosystem is the Iguazu Water Falls that rise to the height of 80 meters and are 3 kilometers wide. The cascades and sheets of water generate a vast hydro vapor that creates one of the most majestic spectacles in the world. It is said that only the Victoria Water Falls on the Zambia-Zimbabwean border can rival the Iguacu Water Falls.

Although the subtropical forest that characterizes most of the Iguacu National Park is less endowed compared to the one in Brazil in terms of numerous species, it is still rich seeing that it is characterized with a whopping 2,00 species of vascular plants. The spray from the waterfalls keeps the vegetation luxuriously green.

Among the animal species you can find in this park includes the raccoon, tamandua, coati and tapir. You are also likely to encounter threatened mammals such as jaguar, tiger cat, Brazilian otter, giant ant eater and ocelot. Other endemic species that you will find here include primates such as capuchin and black howler monkeys as well as broad nosed caiman and Brazilian Merganser.

If you are more into people than nature, then the culture of the Caingangues Indians will keep you entertained throughout your stay. They were the first inhabitants of the park before they were replaced by the Tupi-Guaranies. It is from the Tupi-Guaranies language that name ‘Iguazu’ translated as ‘Big Water’ was coined.

The first European to set eyes on the falls was Spaniard Don Alvar Nuñes Cabeza de Vaca in 1541. 10 years later, the Portuguese took over Brazil as their colony while the Spaniards took Argentina. A trip to this jungle will be the most thrilling adventure you have ever had.

by Kennedy Runo on 04/01/2014 in Sightseeing