La Source Grenada

The Sandals La Source Grenada Resort is a modern invention that has defied every facet of traditional architecture to bring in a new realm of imagination. It is the work of a creative genius and it seeks to bring in a new way of constructing and landscaping modern resorts. From the infrastructure to the amenities to the accommodations to the services; the resort presents the ‘in-thing’ in luxury resorts configuration. Simply put, it is ‘out with the old and in with the new’.

Swimming pools in the sky, living rooms in the swimming pools, plunge pools, meandering artificial rivers, cascading waterfalls are some of the features that define the resort. The fact that is located in the heart of the Pink Gin Beach, Grenada’s most exclusive beach enhances its allure to the well-heeled and budget travellers equally.

The resort is made up of 3 villages namely; Pink Gin, South Sea and Italian village. In total, the resort offers 225 rooms and suites69 of which are butler level professional suites. All the rooms are ultra-luxurious accommodations that have no peers in the hospitality industry. Amazingly, the Italian and South seas villages feature soaking tubs with both warm and cold water.

There are three levels of accommodation including the Luxury Level Rooms, Club Level Rooms and Butler Level Rooms. Each of these levels is further classified according to the total space available, the views and services offered to the guests. The following are all the categories of rooms you will find in the resort:

For you dining needs, you have the option of choosing from 9 classy restaurants within the resort. For an explosive haute experience, dine at the French restaurant known as Le Jardinier. Here, you will get served with French Specialties such as grilled Caribbean rock lobster served with roasted herb mash and Poulet Chasseur that is made with potatoes, mushroom, shallots, and cognac sauce.

The Neptunes restaurant has made a name for itself serving Mediterranean seafood dishes while Kimonos Restaurant serves all the popular Japanese delicacies such as Miso Shiru Soup. Other restaurants in the resort include; Soy Sushi popular for its sushi dishes, Spices with its Caribbean cuisine, Cucina Romana with Italian gourmet food, Butch's Chophouse, Dinos, and Cafe de Paris.

For recreational activities, the resort operates on a 'Do it all or do nothing at all' mantra. There is literally no recreational activity you cannot find in this resort. On the other hand, you can opt to relax on the beach or in the private cabanas and do nothing at all. Below is a sample list of all the activities you can engage in:

They say that life is too short not to enjoy the pleasures it gives us...well, there is no better place to experience this pleasure than at the La Source Grenada Resort. Sounds fantastic, doesn't it? Contact us today and we will get you packing.

by Kennedy Runo on 07/04/2014 in Hotels