Learn how to Speak Spanish in Ronda, Spain

A breathtaking mountain top city, Ronda is one of the oldest cities in Spain, having been founded in the 9th century.It is surrounded by mountains and divided by the El Tajo gorge,and has attracted numerous writers and artists drawn in by its old world charm, languid ambiance, and welcoming locals.

The city of Ronda is located in the province of Malaga. It has an estimated 36,208 inhabitants as of 2014. It is a popular tourist destination because of its dramatic ridges and views. Its old town reflects its Islamic heritage where original Arabic hammams, Muslim forts, and old buildings can still be found. In fact, it was a capital of a Berber Kingdom, and home to great Islamic scholars and poets before it was captured by the Marquis of Cádiz in 1485. The city has no airport but you can drive, take the bus, or train from bigger cities. The Malaga Airport and the Gibraltar Airport are the nearest airports to the city.  The city and its attractions are best seen by taking a stroll or walking, and there are numerous fountains located in the city where you can hydrate or refresh.

Aside from enjoying a spectacular sunset in the city, it has numerous attractions which cannot be found in other parts of Spain including the Plaza de Toros, the oldest bull ring in Spain; Puente Nuevo, a bridge built in 1793 over the El Tajo gorge which houses a small museum; listen to Celia Morales playing a traditional flamenco guitar; visit the old city; enjoy sampling wine at the Joaquin Fernandez Bodega; and learn Spanish at the Entrelenguas which also offers cooking lessons, and community immersion.

Where else in Spain can you enjoy all these activities and attractions! By the time you leave Ronda, you can whip up a Spanish meal and speak like a local.  Consult your travel agent for more details. 

by Sunshine Silva on 09/28/2015 in Sightseeing