Mama Knows Best at the Bargain Eatery in Rome

By Anita Draycott

Some of Rome’s liveliest bars and restaurants are scattered around the Campo De Fiori. At Ristorante del Pallaro, Largo del Pallaro 15, the slogan is, “Here you’ll eat what we want to feed you.” There’s no menu but you can’t go wrong with Mama Paola’s home cooking. My meal (€25) included fresh bread, prosciutto, cheese, olives, lentils, two pastas, roasted veal, rosemary potatoes, eggplant, half litre of wine, grapes and custard cake. Frommer’s Guide warned that the service could be rude. Wrong. Mama came out of her steaming kitchen to give me a hug and the waiter kept bringing more food and wine because he didn’t like to see an empty plate. Menu changes daily.

by Khadijah Brown on 02/17/2016 in Dining