Mayan Medicine for What Ails You

By: Anita Draycott

Doctors and laymen alike should pay a visit to the Mayan Medicine Museum run by indigenous healers, midwives and herbalists about a kilometre outside of San Cristobal (Calz. Salomon Gonzalez Blanco 10
Col. Morelos; 
tel: 967-678-5438; Inside there’s a fascinating video portraying the role of a midwife during a traditional Mayan birth. Outside they grow myriad medicinal plants. I was intrigued by the pharmacy where you can purchase natural remedies for what ails you. A cardboard hand-printed sign indicates what ingredients heal specific symptoms. For example, pulverized wild tobacco, garlic and limestone are supposed to protect people against envy, bad winds and nausea. I not sure about that, but the little vial of cold sore liquid that I bought for a few pesos worked like a charm for me.



by Chiemi Irene Alonzo on 10/20/2015 in Cultural Exchanges