Osteria Del Teatro - Dine in the Best Italian Resto in Miami

An Order of Risotto


The Osteria Del Teatro may be situated in a storefront location just below the flamboyant Cameo nightlife venue, but you’ll be surprised with the delightful Italian fares that it is known to deliciously serve.

If you really want to taste the best dish in the bill of fare, then you should definitely shift your gaze to the resto’s blackboard, which tempts you of mouthwatering dishes like the homemade ravioli filled with crab and scallops in lobster sauce, sautéed fat chicken breast with sun-dried tomatoes and shallots in champagne cream sauces as well as the seafood baked with fresh tomatoes, garlic, linguine and olive oil in parchment paper.

Find out more about this Italian resto, wherein main courses start from $17 to $31, in this overview posted on Osteria Del Teatro’s official website:


Everything has been homemade for the last 20 years at this award-wining Italian Restaurant, which is tucked inside the stylish Art Deco District of South Beach. The intimate dining room is comfortable and elegant, and the small size makes you feel like you have made a special secret discovery. The excellent staff will always make you feel at home as you enjoy succulent seafood, fresh al dente pasta, tongue-tingling sauces and hearty just-baked bread. Superb Italian wines, rich cappuccino and stellar desserts complete the picture… You'll find a typical South Beach crowd here: young, well-dressed folks preparing for a night on the town. The atmosphere is casually elegant. Pay special attention to the daily specials which often feature delectable fresh local seafood.

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