Plan Your Destination Wedding in the Berkshires

Weddings by themselves are great occasions but to make them even greater, you need a good location setting. A good wedding venue should not only provide the right incentives, but also make the occasion memorable in every aspect.

The Berkshires has for many years been a destination of choice for couples who want to mark their biggest day together in one of several beautiful and exclusive sites.

One of the most popular sites here is the Mount.The revenue collected from wedding held at this venue is used to maintain the big house and large gardens. The place is big enough to host a party of up to 180 guests. For US$10,000, the venue is availed to you complete with a wedding planner who will see to it that everything goes  according to your plan.

The Red Lion Inn, Stockbridge is yet another popular site with great service and facilities, which include catering, planning, bar and lounge. 

Other great wedding location within the Berkshire area include The Cranwell Resort & Spa, Blantyre , The Gateways Inn and The Porches Inn.

The rates for the wedding locations at the Berkshires range from US$75 to US$100 per guest per an event. The costs usually cover accommodation,foods and drinks. Some of the facilities provide extra services like wedding planning. In fact, these are some of the important details you should look out for when shopping for a wedding site in the Berkshires.

There are many wedding locations to choose from at Berkshires. Factors to consider, when picking one, are number of guests, the rates per person and the additional services you stand to get. Ultimately, the Berkshires has a package that fits every wedding need.

by Blogger008 on 11/08/2013 in Local Events