Pyrénées - Mont Perdu you gotta go here

Mont Perdu is located at the point where the Iberian tectonic plates collide with the Western European plates. The mountain itself rises to the height of 3352 meters and is one of the most visited mountains in France, and by extension Europe.

The most outstanding feature of the Pyrenees is the calcareous massif that is located on Mont Perdu. On the French side, you will see the abrupt landscape that features 3 cirques while on the Spanish side you will see the Peridido that has 3 spurs with deep canyons that slowly slope to the Iberian Piedmont.

Another notable difference in the Pyrenees is that on the French side you will find humid weather with maritime influence whereas on the Spanish side you will get dryer slopes with Coastal Mediterranean climate.

Since the Pyrenees are nestled between two sees with totally different geological formation, it also has varied vegetation ranging from the Sub-Mediterranean, Collinean, Montane to subalpine and alpine vegetation. It is home to over 3,500 species and subspecies of plants, 5% of which are endemic. It also has a sizeable population of mammals including the marmot, Spanish ibex – which is one of the most endangered animals having only 3 females alive today. Of course there are some species of birds, reptiles, and amphibians in the Pyrenees eco-region.

Such sites as Anisclo and Escuain Caves that are found here point to a human settlement that dates as early as the Palaeolithic era (40,000 -10,000BC). There are also the Gavarine stone circles and the Tella dolmen which dates as early as the Middle Ages. Visiting these locations that have significance to the Spanish and French Communities of the past is something that will give some satisfaction. While at it, make sure you visit the Ordessa National Park, one of the most significant centuries old transhumant systems in the European Mainland.

The Pyrenees are exceedingly beautiful. And Alas! You have the chance to visit them every time you are in France. Make sure you feast your eyes at the beauty thereof…life is too short not to enjoy the wonderful physical features that the old planet earth has given us.

by Kennedy Runo on 04/10/2014 in Sightseeing