Rejuvenate at Poland's Arcadia Spa

There is a country in Central Europe called Poland that used to separate the Eastern Europe (formerly Iron Countries) and the Western Europe. Perhaps to put this concept in context; Poland is bordered by Ukraine and Belarus to the East, Slovakia and Czech Republic to the South, Germany to the West and Baltic Sea to the North. The country is suitably nestled to have the best of the Eastern Europe's classical music and ballet performances and the best of western Europe movies and hip hop culture. It is in this beautiful country that you find one of the best spas in Europe - the Arcadia Spa.

Located in Na Piaskach, Gdansk in Pomerania province, the Arcadia Spa is a holiday maker's paradise. It offers a wide range of services to help its guests unwind and relax. After a long day exploring points of interest in Gdansk such as Old Town Gdansk, Oliwa Cathedral, Stutthof Concentration Camp, Dluga Street, European Solidarity Centre Roads to Freedom Exhibition; visitors can have a relaxing massage or micro needle mesotherapy at the Arcadia Spa.

Additional services offered at the Arcadia Spa includes; Face Cosmetics, Hair Removal, Ultra Sound Treatment, Radio Waves, Pedicure and Manicure among others. It is one place that a person visits and emerges more beautiful and relaxed.

Other places you can visit that are near to the Arcadia Spa include; Malbork Castle, Mariacka Street, Sopot Pier, Sopot Beach, Westerplatte, Oliwa Park and Zoo, St. Mary's Church and many more.

Poland is a beautiful country. The Polish people are hospitable as long as you do not mention the Second World War - it is a touchy subject in this part of the world. Just do your exploration and ask your tour guide questions regarding the war and concentration camps.

If you want to sample the best of Eastern Europe and Western Europe, Poland is the best place to be. It can only be rivaled by Turkey in diversity of cultures. It is also the best place to learn about the second world war, concentration camps, Nazism and its effects on the Jewish people among other war subjects.

by Kennedy Runo on 11/20/2013 in Rest & Relaxation