Relax and Unwind at the Hanmer Springs Thermal Reserve

What is the best place to relax and unwind in the world? Of course, there are hundreds. However, with over 475,000 people gracing Hanmer Springs Thermal Reserve, this New Zealand unwinding park beats them all. Located just 90 minutes due North from Christchurch, this reserve is close enough to where things happen, and yet far enough to have the fun day you have been longing for.

Are you looking for the perfect girls getaway, this is the place to be. From facials to full body pampering, you will get an experience that will form basis of your gossip grapevine for years. If you are looking for the perfect place to take your family for a fun day out, the Hanmer Springs Thermal Reserve has got plenty of the activities that you can do. Imagine the toothy grins on the kids’ faces as they slide down the water slide…what won’t a parent give to have that smile on his/her kids’ faces more often?

The facility boasts 7 open air thermal spas, 4 private thermal spas, a family picnic area, a licensed eatery, Sauna and steam rooms water slides among many others. With this kind of facilities, Hanmer Springs Thermal Reserve is clearly a relaxing and unwinding palace.

Of the 475,000 annual visitors, 20 percent comes from the Western Europe subcontinent and 80% from Asia. All these people cannot be wrong. There must be something that the facility is doing right. Relaxing and unwinding is sometimes put on the periphery of the important to do list in a world gone hayway with activity. However, life is too short for you to deny yourself some of these life pleasures.

Apart from unwinding and relaxing, you can also go kayaking, get boat rides, play golf, or go hiking in the Hanmer forest. The Hanmer Springs is set in a very beautiful meadow and is a very good destination for honeymoons, day outs, and vacations.

To get to the springs, you can use privately hired car, tour buses or taxis. There is ample accommodation in and around the Hanmer Springs Thermal Reserve constituting apartments, hotels, Bed and Breakfast motels and five star hotels. It is all dependent on your budget really.

by Kennedy Runo on 11/04/2013 in Rest & Relaxation