Reserve your Accommodations at Biras Creek Resort, British Virgin Islands

With the number of the positive vibes the Biras Creek Resort is getting rising by the day, expect that getting a reservation there will be a herculean task. Bira Creek Resort is a top tourist destination in the Caribbean, having been named the best Hotel in British Virgin Isalnds by the US News and World Report. It also got a Certificate of Excellence by world travel internet giant, the Trip Adviser. As if this was not enough recognition already, it named as the 'Best of Best' hotel in Caribbean by the Huffington Post.

Perhaps what sells this Virgin Gorda resort is its excellent customer care. There is no big request that a customer can place with the staff of the resort…they will make it happen no matter how outrageous. This approach to customer care has endeared the resort to its customers in a region where competition is very stiff.

The resort takes pride in being located at one of the most beautiful places on earth. It is situated in a protected lagoon where the tranquil water from the Atlantic Ocean flows unhindered. The Biras Creek offers the visitors of the resort an excellent platform for swimming, snorkeling, playing water and wind sports, and sailing. What more, you can soak in the Caribbean sun for a tan that will make your friends jealous upon returning to the more temperate regions.

Since the resort is only accessible only by a boat or a helicopter, it offers its guests a lot of privacy. It is the perfect destination for honey moon or for those media personalities that want to enjoy a quiet time with a loved one. Its privacy is high that it is not uncommon to see its visitor’s skin diving into the turquoise, blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Most visitors who have been to the resort always secretly hope that they can get another chance to go back. If you are yet to visit the resort, then you are missing out on experiencing living like a king. Bira Creek Resort is the hidden gem of the Caribbean. It is the lost paradise – only recently rediscovered!

by Kennedy Runo on 10/31/2013 in Hotels