Sandals Grande St. Lucian

Have you ever received a postcard of your friends in an exclusive, picturesque resort? Don’t tell me you did not feel a tinge of envy creeping in…it is human. Today you get to learn of a resort that will make your friends envious in return. The Sandals Grande St. Lucian Resort is nestled on its own peninsula, making it the perfect background for a postcard.

The gods seem to have favored this end of St Lucia with calm waters specifically for construction of the Grande St. Lucian Resort. To the east of the resort is the majestic Atlantic Ocean, a natural phenomenon that gives this resort the awe-inspiring views that every photographer craves for.

The resort is flanked by spectacular volcanic mountains that are punctuated with lush green vegetation. The Ocean blue forms the perfect backdrop for the mountains to radiate the tropical warmth that makes the resort a must visit. The resort also boasts a mile long sheltered beach that allows the resorts guests an endless space for water- and land- sports.

The resort's accommodations are divided into 3 broad categories including; Luxury Level Rooms, Club Level Rooms, and Butler Level Rooms. These categories are further divided to take care of different guests' needs in terms of space, amenities and views. Below are the various categories of accommodations that you will find in the resort:

The Butler Level Rooms boasts butler services in addition to the other services available to other rooms such as 24-hour in-room services, private car round trip transfers (presidential suites only), and love nest amenities such as exclusive seclusion. The Caribbean Beachview Club Level Room have exclusive access to Club Sandals amenities as well additional perks such as private check-in, dedicated lounge, stocked in-room bars etc.

Your dining needs will be taken care of by the resort's 8 restaurants. The Mariner Seaside Bar & Grill is perhaps the nearest to the guestrooms and is a perfect spot for grilled food such as grilled fish and beef burgers. It is serves American cuisine with delicacies such as hamburger, cheeseburger, bacon cheeseburger, spicy burger, veggie burger, grilled cheese, and grilled turkey dog gracing the guests' tables.

If you are a foodie and thus want to enjoy some fine dining, perhaps Dinos Pizzeria Italiana is a better bet for you. Here you will get to enjoy Italian delicacies such as Margherita (cheese, fresh basil and tomato sauce) and Pepperoni (cheese, tomato sauce and pepperoni).

The other restaurants that you grab a meal when staying at the Sandals Grande St. Lucian Resort include; Bayside, Toscaninis, Josephines, Barefoot, Gordon's and Olde London Pub.

If you have been searching for a vacation destination that has action packed recreational activities, then you have just found it. Recreational activities at this resort are categorized into several groups as follows:

If you are not already convinced to take this resort as your holiday destination, this will: the vacation at Sandals Grande is packaged in such a way that you will stay at 1 and play at 3 with the back and forth transport already covered. Imagine visiting and engaging in activities in 3 resorts while just staying at one with no additional cool is that? Well, contact us today and we will get you packing.

by Kennedy Runo on 07/01/2014 in Hotels