Sleep in the Historical Luxury of Abbaye de la Bussière

Paris, France is one of those places where people go to see and feel and hear the romance in the air. It is deeply moving and highly entertaining. It's also very cliche'. Step outside the cliche' and head to Dijon, France for some spiritual luxury.

Take yourself to France. You are there in spring when the flowers are in bloom and the entire countryside greets you, the weary traveler. Your jet lag seems to disappear when your eyes sight the lake of the abbey.

You gaze around at all of the 15 acres you can take in at one time; knowing you must see more to be satisfied with your visit. You pass by an exquisite dining and think you might have the Foie Gras ravioli or the filet for dinner and maybe some chocolate flower for dessert. You make it to your room and can't believe the comfort you have knowing there is a bed in reality like that.

You've looked everywhere for just the right place to stay. You want the lap of luxury in a place where you can relax. The Abbaye de la Bussière in Dijon, France is your best bet. Imagine yourself being surrounded by the enchanting and inspiring views of the Abbey.

The tranquility did not leave with the monks, but stayed for vacationers, who like you want that peace of mind and physical serenity. Travelers like you who want to know the history of where they will be staying.

The long and arduous road that lead this breathtaking place to where it rests today. France has some of the most eye catching abbeys in the world. It would be a shame for a traveler such as yourself to miss out on the grandeur of this one.

There are some interesting things to do while staying at the Abbaye de la Bussiere. While there do a little wine tasting or go enjoy a motorcar race. Don't forget you can also have a destination wedding and honeymoon at the abbey as well. You won't regret a stay at the abbey, no matter what you enjoy.

Take a back road and land in Dijon for this spectacular and stunning place. All of your senses will be involved in your stay here. Take a little of the place home and share with your friends.

The envy will roll off in waves for this adventurous and knowledgeable side of you. Now, all you have to decide is when to get there and how long to stay.

by Blogger005 on 10/29/2013 in Hotels