Belize: Small country with big adventures

Hiking, fishing, caving, archaeology, canoeing, and a lot more! For a small country, Belize offers a lot of activities that make every holiday makers want to stay longer. Different activities are laid out for you, your family, and friends.

Ancient pieces of pottery and Maya temples are some of the archaeological finds to see and discover in Belize. Experience canoeing in Mopan and Macal River and it does not even matter if you’re a beginner or not because as long as you know your way around the boat, you’re good to go. See the jungle, wildlife, and villages that are less traveled through canoes and have a chance to interact with the locals. Here you can get closer to different birds, plants, and animals through their self-guided hiking activities.

See the undiscovered underworld through Belize’s caves. Have easy walks to challenging ones that make you squeeze, crawl, climb, rappel, and even swim. Discover pots and even human remains with intact human skeletons. Be dazzled by the underground waterfalls and surely the cave life won’t bore you. Go deeper with Belize’s snorkeling activities and get astonished by the beautiful creatures that live below. Local guides will help you discover more than what you know with over 500 species to see.

These are just some of the many activities that Belize has to offer visitors. Experience them personally and get to relive every moment spent here. Share the best and unforgettable memories with the best people in Belize.

by Kimberley Reyes on 09/03/2015 in Adventure