Soaking Up the Sun and More in Barbados



Barbados caters to all types of travel budgets, but if you’re into vacationing at sumptuous resorts, then Barbados’ western seaboard is where you should start your hotel search.

In addition to the tempting strips on this island country, you could also find numerous historical places of interest at its the interior islands. You could opt to drop by the Mt. Gay Rum Distillery Ltd. to participate in a 45-minute tour and rum tasting or you could go for the Botanical Garden, where you’ll find a lovely collection of faunas complete with helpful info that you won’t find in any other part of the world.

But if you just can’t take your eyes and your tan-hungry body off the beach, then you could always follow what Daily Mail UK Travel contributor Lisa Snowdon did as she and her friend spend most of their time by the beach, sunbathing, drinking, eating and having the time of their life ("Beautiful Barbados: How Rihanna’s Tropical Island Home Hits All The Right Notes").

We changed into our bikinis, ordered a rum punch (when in Barbados...) and headed down to the beach to catch the last sun of the day. We sat and giggled happily in the sea, excited, warm from the sun and just a little tipsy… Adjusting to Barbados time doesn’t take too long. That first night we dined at the Coral Reef in their busy outside restaurant overlooking the ocean. We ate fresh seafood and delicious Caribbean dishes and drank good wine… It was a beautiful night and we sat gazing at the stars before sleepily strolling back to our room and bed.

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by Blogger002 on 01/04/2013 in Outdoor Activities